30+ Most Important Big Name Brands that are Using WordPress

Big Name Brands that are Using WordPress

Do you want to know about which big brands are using self-hosted WordPress? one of the most common misconceptions about WordPress is that being an open-source blogging platform, it is not good enough for big brands. Therefore To prove this myth wrong, we have created a list of big brands that are using WordPress on their website.

1. Sony Music

sony music

2. MTV News

Mtv News

3. Bloomberg Professional

bloomberg professional

4. BBC America

bbc america

5. The New Yorker

the newyorker

6. Bata


7. cPanel Blog

c panel blog

8. Microsoft News Center

microsoft news center

9. Sweden’s Official Website

sweden official website

10. PlayStation.Blog

playstation blog

11. Usain Bolt

usain bolt

12. Facebook Newsroom

facebook newsroom

13. The Mozilla Blog

mozila blog

14. Mercedes-Benz

marcedes benz

15. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

16. Inside BlackBerry

blackberry blog

17. ExpressJet Blog

express jet

18. Marks & Spencer for Business

marks & spencers

19. Boingo


20. Quartz

21. The Walt Disney Company

the walt disney

22. The New York Times Company

the new york times

23. The Walking Dead – AMC

the walking dead amc

24. Wil Wheaton

will wheaton

25. SAP News Center

sap news center

26. Vogue India

27. Staples Canda Blog

staples blog

28. The Rolling Stones

the rolling stones

29. Reuters Blogs

reuters blog

30. TechCrunch


31. The Official Rackspace Blog

rackspace blog

How To Build Your Own WordPress Website?

After looking above all big brands using WordPress, you may be wondering how you can build your own WordPress site.

However, firstly you need to make sure that you’re choosing the right platform for your own website. On the other hand, There are varies platforms are available to build your website but through self-hosted WordPress.org gives the full freedom to build a great Website, WordPress.org is not only ours but many other developers also first choice.

See our guide on the difference between WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org.

For instance, WordPress is free blogging software, only you need WordPress Hosting and Domain Name to live your own Website which will cost you money. Check out our article about How does it really cost to build a WordPress Website.

After that, as soon as you’re ready, head over to our step by step guide on How to start a WordPress Blog from scratch. Follow all the instructions & you can build your site in half an hour. Moreover, If you want to order yourswriter for a free WordPress blog setup we are also providing a free WordPress blog setup for our users at the zero cost.

However, We hope this article is helped you to learn about all the popular brand names which are currently using self-hosted WordPress on their website. In addition, you can see our step by step guide on How to start an online store.

Finally, If you like this article or have any questions you can comment below that we can reach & help out you.

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